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Volunteer Projects & Guiding Courses

"I had a great experience booking my African trip through Lost Adventures. Mikkel makes sure that you feel safe and he will answer any questions any time of the day. Even during the stay in Africa he wrote me and made sure I was fine.
This is my second time booking with Mikkel and I will definitely choose him again. The best recommendations from me." - Trine Lauridsen, Denmark


Volunteering or signing on to join a guiding or trails course can provide a range of benefits to participants hoping to get more from their time in the African bush. Volunteers learn about and participate in the work that goes in to conserving Africa’s wildlife on a daily basis. Guiding and trails courses students get an in-depth look at safety while navigating the sometimes-unpredictable African bush. Lost Adventures works with several projects aimed at ensuring wildlife thrives on the continent.

Learn the basics of astronomy and the safety precautions necessary to approach big game during a Nature Guiding Course in Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta. On the banks of the Kwapa River, learn about weapons handling as part of the Okavango Trails Guiding Course. Amongst the teeming wildlife of South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve, monitor rhinos, elephants and predators of all kinds to help with population management. Peek into the real-life experiences of anti-poaching patrols and care-taking of Rhinos & Elephants at the Imire Rhino & Elephant Conservation project in Zimbabwe.

No matter what interests you most about African conservation, Lost Adventures can plan a customized experience for you. Most projects require a 2- to 12-week time commitment, giving participants the chance to see their work make an impact on the ground.
Contact us and let's start planning your next-level African experience.

More amazing wildlife & marine projects

  • Big Five & Wildlife Research

    Big Five & Wildlife Research

    Greater Kruger, South Africa

    Join the research team on safari drives through South African game reserves to monitor and study the African Big 5!

    12.500 DKK / 2 weeks
    1,810 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Wildlife Photography & Conservation

    Wildlife Photography & Conservation

    Greater Kruger, South Africa

    Learn how to take National Geographic-quality wildlife photos & assist with wildlife research.

    25.795 DKK / 4 weeks
    4,030 USD / 4 weeks

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  • Big Cat & Wildlife Research

    Big Cat & Wildlife Research

    Maasai Mara, Kenya

    Become actively involved in wildlife research activities next to Maasai Mara National Reserve.

    12.800 DKK / 2 weeks
    1,880 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Marine Conservation & Eco-tourism

    Marine Conservation & Eco-tourism

    Western Cape, South Africa

    This amazing marine project will bring you to the home of the marine big five! As a volunteer, you will get to work alongside experts in marine ecotourism and research.

    8.950 DKK / 2 weeks
    1,300 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Coming Soon
    Modisa Wildlife Project

    Modisa Wildlife Project


    Modisa Wildlife Project was founded in 2010 by Mikkel Legarth, from Denmark, and Valentin Gruener, from Germany.

    xx.xxx DKK / x weeks
    x,xxx USD / x weeks

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  • Kariega Conservation Experience

    Kariega Conservation Experience

    Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Make a real difference, grow your skills in conservation and have the experience of a lifetime!

    8.500 DKK / 2 weeks
    1,235 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Shamwari Conservation Experience

    Shamwari Conservation Experience

    Eastern Cape, South Africa

    The Shamwari Conservation Experience offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get behind-the-scenes at the world-renowned, 25,000-hectare Big Five Shamwari Game Reserve.

    9.950 DKK / 2 weeks
    1,445 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Whale Shark Research in Paradise

    Whale Shark Research in Paradise


    A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved with researching and conserving the largest fish in our ocean: The whale shark.

    16.950 DKK / 2 weeks
    2,655 USD / 2 weeks

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  • Internship: Wildlife Photography & Conservation

    Internship: Wildlife Photography & Conservation

    Greater Kruger, South Africa

    An amazing opportunity if you dream of an internship where you will sharpen your photography skills, personal development and have an amazing learning experience in the African bush!

    42.995 DKK / 8 weeks
    6,720 USD / 8 weeks

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  • Internship: Field Research & Wildlife Conservation

    Internship: Field Research & Wildlife Conservation

    Greater Kruger, South Africa

    This internship will give you an incredible opportunity to explore African wildlife ecosystems and particular animals of interest in conservation – an amazing opportunity if you dream of a long-term involvement in wildlife conservation.

    39.995 DKK / 8 weeks
    6,250 USD / 8 weeks

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  • Okavango Guiding & Trails Courses

    Okavango Guiding & Trails Courses

    Okavango Delta, Botswana

    A unique experience awaits in the Okavango Delta when you become a FGASA or BQA registered field guide. Operated by the Reed family, known from “Safari Brothers” aired on National Geographic Wild.

    14.500 DKK / 1 week
    2,130 USD / 1 week

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  • Rhino & Elephant Conservation

    Rhino & Elephant Conservation


    Get involved first-hand in the daily care of endangered rhinos and elephants and join the anti-poaching efforts, conservancy management and maintenance of this family-run conservation project.

    6.950 DKK / 1 week
    995 USD / 1 week

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Volunteering - An unforgettable adventure!

Are you looking for a hands-on experience that allows you to see behind-the-scenes of wildlife conservation efforts in Africa? If so, volunteering is the right choice for you!

Lost Adventures offers the opportunity for volunteers to participate in efforts at 1 (or more) of our favorite wildlife and marine conservation projects in Africa and the Maldives. The programmes share the same ethical approach to wildlife conservation, giving volunteers authentic learning experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Volunteer in South Africa at some of the world’s most renowned big five game reserves, or volunteer near the stunning Kruger National Park and sharpen your photography skills. The projects even include the opportunity to get up close with the largest fist in the ocean – the magnificent whale shark!

Who can volunteer?

Volunteering is for people from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about wildlife conservation and the environment. Whether you’re a gap year student, someone taking a break from your career, retired or just interested in trying something different – volunteering is for you. Projects can be joined for between 2 and 12 weeks, giving the opportunity to become involved in a wide variety of wildlife conservation activities such as: participating in anti-poaching patrols, helping with wildlife research and data collection, tracking, getting involved in the community, and much more. Volunteering to help with wildlife conservation provides a life-changing, rewarding experience – and we are here to assist with planning, tips, and tricks to perfect your adventure. 

Family volunteering

Volunteering to protect the wild species that roam Africa and their habitats can be a special experience to share with your family. Experience the daily work put into conserving wildlife in the African bush and build memories together. Most projects have minimum age restrictions that require participants to be at least 16 years old, but some offer opportunities for families with younger children to participate.

Please contact us for more information if your family is interested in joining a wildlife project together.

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