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© Nicolai Rossen | Mikkel Legarth, Sirga the lioness & Valentin Gruener

Lost Adventures was founded by Mikkel Legarth from Denmark in 2018. He co-founded Modisa Wildlife Project in 2010, a wildlife conservation project in Botswana, together with Valentin Gruener from Germany. Modisa means “guardian” in the local language of Setwana and their aim with the project is to act as advocates for the wildlife in Botswana and to assist in the human wildlife conflict by cooperating with researchers and scientists.

Their project, and especially Modisa’s family member, a lioness named Sirga, found its way to the frontpage of Daily Mail in 2013. The story vent viral several times and was featured in CNN, BBC, China daily and Google’s year in search 2014, just to name a few. Their story also resulted in an invitation from Tedx Copenhagen for Mikkel to do a Tedx Talk at the Bremen Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013. The great interest in Sirga also resulted into the making of the award-winning series "Saving Sirga: Journey into the Heart of a Lion", available on Netflix, Animal Planet, Amazon Prime and Viasat Nature.

Mikkel’s original plan for his future was very different before his first trip to Africa in 2008. Mikkel originally booked a 3-week volunteer placement at a wildlife project in Namibia before he wanted to start his pilot training. The 3 weeks turned into a total of 9 months adventure. The experience of working in the bush and the bond he had built with a leopard called Lost, ultimately changed his dream of becoming a commercial pilot to co-found Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana instead. In 2018 he embarked on a new journey with starting this travel agency and named it after the leopard from Namibia – Lost Adventures.  



Mikkel Legarth & Lost, Namibia 2009

What is Lost Adventures?

Lost Adventures is a travel agency focusing on self-funded volunteer placements at wildlife conservation projects in Africa and tailored safaris in Botswana and Tanzania. From previous experiences, Mikkel knows the difficulties of finding the right volunteer project with the right values and he wanted to change that. With his knowledge from co-founding Modisa Wildlife Project, his network and partnerships, he has selected the projects that will teach you about the animals, the nature and wildlife conservation combined with having an amazing, safe and fun adventure with your fellow volunteers from all over the world.   

Mikkel also has a strong network with some of the best and most eco-friendly safari operators in Botswana and Tanzania, which will ensure you an exclusive safari experience in Africa’s untouched wilderness. The safaris vary depending on which type of safari you prefer: a mobile safari, a luxury mobile safari (Botswana) or lodges – you can also mix it all together! No matter how to wish to experience the African wilderness, the Big Five and the lions’ power roar will soon become part of your dreams!

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